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Exploring Falmouth

There is rarely a day where we don't go outside to make the most of Falmouth and the surrounding areas. We spend our mornings exploring the beaches, take woodland walks, jump in puddles, get muddy and enjoy the local playgrounds, we go out in most weathers for all of us to let off some steam and get some fresh air.


Baking forms a regular part of what we do - the messier the better as far as I'm concerned! Children love getting stuck in and taking home something they've made for their parents and I love helping them. We also do seasonal baking too.


There isn't a day where we get stuck in with mark-making and crafts. The children enjoy a variety of creative activities. We get creative for special occasions and we also do seasonal crafts, where the children take home their creations and the parents can have them as a keepsake.


Where time allows and often during the holidays we take trips around Cornwall to have little adventures outside of Falmouth.
These are all arranged with prior approval from parents. 
You can visit my Facebook page to see more photos on what we get up to, where we go, what we do, where we visit and see the fun we have ! 
*All photos are shared with written parents permission
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